The Chocolates Of Life

Forrest Gump: My momma always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." These are the chocolates of our lives.

The Chocolates of Life Travel Map

Since we’ve already written about so many places we’ve seen, we thought it would be a good idea to put them all on a Google Map.

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[Music] Nomade Orquestra – Estremundos

Nomade Orquestra return from the stratosphere via Brazil with their second offering: Entremundos (Between Worlds). Gazing outward through a kaleidoscope from the heart of Sao Paulo’s jazz scene, the collective consciousness of the ten-man orquestra has dreamt up an adventurous amalgam of earth’s most far reaching musical cultures.

Recorded at Red Bull Studios, Sao Paulo, Entremundos is like a cosmic musical playground where Ethio-jazz, Indian classical and Oriental sounds dance around Afro-Brazilian roots rhythms and Northern hemisphere jazz, funk, soul, library music and hip-hop influences. The sheer vastness of the album is astounding, Nomade Orquestra have quite literally conquered the world in sound.

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[Romania] The Fortified Church of Richiș

Visiting the Richiș Fortified Church was the most pleasant and revealing experience during our two days road trip around the Saxon villages of Sibiu and their fortified churches. Mr. Schass made sure that our visit there will remain for long in our minds.

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[Romania] Biertan Fortified Church

Biertan is by far the most important symbol of the Saxon villages and of the fortified churches in the Sibiu County, having also been listed on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1993.

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[Romania] Agnita Fortified Church

Agnita is considered to be the most centered town in Romania. First mentioned in a document in 1280, Agnita is a town known for its traditional crafts, from shoemakers to coopers, from tailors to potters.

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[Romania] Chirpãr Fortified Church

Chirpãr was our next stop during our weekend road trip in the beautiful Saxon villages around Sibiu. Travelling from one village to another was a true pleasure, as spring was on its way, everything was turning green, the landscape was something that filled us with so much positive energy.


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[Music] Das Ding – Missing Tapes

Minimal Wave presents an album of long lost tracks by Dutch electronic music pioneer Das Ding, entitled “Missing Tapes”.

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[Romania] Hosman Fortified Church

The village of Hosman was our first stop during our weekend in the Sibiu County and it was such a delight to be welcomed in this village by a beautiful view of the fortified church and the Făgăraș Mountains still covered in snow after the winter.


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[Romania] Road trip to the Fortified Churches in the Sibiu County (part 1)

We were planning such a weekend for a long time, but each time we were considering of actually doing such a trip, we always said that we can leave it for another time, as these places are very close to home and we have some other options further away.


But finally, at the beginning of April, we said that this is it, we are doing it. We wanted to go somewhere with the baby, as the weather forecast was expected to be very good. As it’s still a bit difficult to go on long holidays with the baby, some short weekend road trips, with not too much driving are a good option to spend some time outside the city and explore the world 🙂


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[Books] We need new names – NoViolet Bulawayo

My reading resolution for this year is to read as many books as I can get my hands on from other continents, except Europe. We need new names is one of these books and I found it after doing a bit of online research on the best fiction books in Africa.

Image result for we need new names by noviolet bulawayo review

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