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My Sibiu

There is no place like Sibiu


Sibiu  is magical for the ones who live there, for the ones who visit it or for the ones who discover it. Here it was built the first hospital, the first school, the first library, the first museum and the first pharmacy in the country. Here lived and created people of Transylvania, Romania and of the world.

Situated in the heart of Transylvania, Europe’s former capital of culture and one of Romania most important cities, Sibiu should be seen (at least) once in a lifetime. You can get there by plane, by train or by car, important is to really be there.

Different from other cities, Sibiu has not only one important square, it has three: The Big Square, The Small Square and Huet Square.

Start your journey in the Small Square and visit The Liars Bridge. It is a famous tourist attraction not only because it assures the access…

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Restaurants in Sibiu: La Cuptor

La Cuptor is a new restaurant that just opened about a month ago in Sibiu and a girls night out seemed like the perfect occasion to give it a try.


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Restaurants in Sibiu: SyndicatGourmet

SydicatGourment is a rather new restaurant, opened only a few months ago, on a beautiful street in Sibiu. In its Facebook description it says Asian fusion restaurant and to be honest sounds like the best description.

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Why I’m so in love with Sibiu

It’s been a year and a half since I ran away from the busy and sometimes exhausting life that Bucharest had offered me for about 8 year and finally moved to Sibiu. First thoughts were that it will be hard to get used to not living always on the run. Of course, the fact that you have to make changes and get out of your comfort zone can sometimes become a painful experience. But not in my case. Of course, there were some personal and family reasons that made me decide to move to Sibiu and that helped a lot in actually adapting, but the reason I am writing this is because Sibiu has become my favorite place in the world and there are more than one reason for that.

photo credits :

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The first raw-vegan restaurant in Sibiu

I’ve been planning for quite a while now to also start writing about places we normally go out to eat or drink in Sibiu, because we are always hunting for new places, but places that locals like, not the touristic tasteless and flavorless ones.  So here we are, I hope this is the first from a long series.

I was very happy to hear that we FINALLY have in Sibiu a raw-vegan restaurant. It just opened about 3 weeks ago and it’s called Copacul Vietii (The Tree of Life).


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Astra Village Museum Sibiu, Romania

Here’s a very nice presentation video of the Astra Village Museum in Sibiu, Romania. One of the biggest and more complex museums in Europe.

More about the Astra Museum here.

Sibiu’s Small Square

As I moved to Sibiu in September 2013, I was planning to write more about the places I like in this lovely city from the heart of  Romania. It did take me some time to get me moving, but here it it, my first article from the Sibiu Series  – The Small Square (Piata Mica).

piata mica

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[Romania] The beautiful Sibiu

A collection of time lapsed videos about Sibiu and its surroundings.

Foxonomad visits Sibiu

Foxonomad is Anil Polat, a blogger and computer security engineer who’s been traveling around the world for the past 6 years. Along the way he set the goal of visiting every country on the planet. Each year he has a contest on his blog and lets people vote the most beautiful city in the world. This year the finalists were Bucharest and Sibiu, both from Romania.

Sibiu won and I consider it as a fair win, considering that I have lived in Bucharest, I now live in Sibiu and starting to like it more and more.

Here is his review of the trip to Sibiu.


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